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Meet the Scholars of Sustenance Thailand team, a group of passionate people from across regions. We gather together with a mission to fight for food surplus and hunger in Thailand! There are three team functions in Thailand: Operations, Outreach, and Office. If you want to contact any of us, you can click the photo to contact us via e-mail.





The heroes of this foundation, who go around the city and rescue all the surplus food designated to donate. They are the hands of SOS  that giving the food to nourish the communities.

Wisanu Samorna (Toto)

Food Rescue Ambassador

Surachai Duangchanhom (Noom)

Food Rescue Ambassador

Kittidech Namkhuntod (Aun)

Food Rescue Ambassador

Teerayuth Audtha (Tong)

Food Rescue Ambassador

Jaturapuch Tongchai (Max)

Food Rescue Ambassador

Wattana Wiwattanasatapat (Woody)

Food Rescue Ambassador

Sahatphat Mhunchai (Nil)

Food Rescue Ambassador


The team that made all the food operations and food programs happen; from the on-site training, food safety inspection, logistic route planning, and community coordination. You can contact them to learn more about our food programs!

Tanaporn Oi-Isranukul (Faii) 

Operations Manager

Saweang Kaola (Jack)

Food Rescue Manager-Phuket

Narumon Katchamart (Kook)

Food Rescue Supervisor

Marut Sudsawath (Ton)

Food Rescue Supervisor- Hua Hin

Tawee Impoolsup (Kong)

Food Program & Safety Supervisor

Nuttapol Kasemras (Jay)

Logistic Supervisor

Sasiwan Jai-Arsa (Pak)

Community Coordinator


The Outreach team works with the external parties in the scope of fundraising, marketing, and potential CSR project collaborations. The team that organizes public relations, external communications, and back-end support with various partners from the government to corporates.

Nantaporn Thirapongphaiboon (Ploy)

Outreach Manager

Pornwadee Potchanabanphot (Kie)

Fundraising Assistant Manager

Naphat Phongpheat (Earth)

Project Supervisor

Supachai Mongkolnit (Ex)

Program Coordinator

Nicharee Chowbangrang (Taktai)

Data Administrative Assistant


The office department is looking after every detail of finance & accounting and human resources in the foundation across regions while creating and maintaining the welfare of the overall organization. 

Oranuch Mungwattana

Office Manager


The Managing Director is leading the team to the success and fruitful growth in our mission and our operations in Thailand. The Director is working closely with international sponsors and local partnerships while supporting the team in their development goals.

James Leyson (James)

Managing Director