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Scholars of Sustenance Thailand Food Donation in Bangkok

We are a Food Rescue Foundation

Redefining the way food is distributed in order to tackle the food deficit issue and put good nutrition into the hands of those who need it.


Here at Scholars of Sustenance, we see the value in everyone and want to be a catalyst for positive change. Something we have strived for since our beginnings in 2000, driven by the same ideas and values that we founded our Non-Profit on: support, empowerment, and progress. 

COVID-19 affect all of us. However for those who already had very little  the impact was far more severe and devastating. We are currently facing several crises from homelessness to hunger. With millions of people going without food on a daily basis, which is why we at SOS have taken action in order to help those need it most. 

Act with us today!! As little as $5 can feed 25 people.

Millions of Meals
Food Distribution.jpeg
(Thailand since 2016 & Indonesia since 2017)

Since the start, we rescued and served the surplus food to the community
in needs more than 29 million meals, equivalent of 6,000 Millions Kilograms 
worth of food surplus not going to landfills!!

We are more than happy to show this result and we are not going to stop growing. We want to expands to various cities and various countries.

17,600 Tons of Co2

Amount of carbon dioxide gas emission diverted

from landfills

30 Millions

Amount of meals served to community in need.

5 Tons/Days

Number of Food rescued and distributed by day! (average daily performance as of 2023)

400+ Food Donors

Number of food donors
from hospitality businesses

and wholesalers / retailers

Screenshot (185).png

Donate to SOS Thailand via Taejai!

We are currently available on TaeJai!,

the initial collaborative crowdfunding platform with

TAX REDUCTION in Thailand. For those who seeking tax deductible donation Click the link below!

MMM23 Web Page Slide.png

Million Meals March 2023

After a very successful March in 2021 and 2022 that raised over 1 Billion IDR the Million Meals March by Scholars of Sustenance - Bali Strong is back. This year it will take place on Sunday, March 5th 2023.


Click the button below to join. 

Food Distribution- SOS Thailand.jpg


We produce food and sustenance equivalent for 10 billion living people while we have only 7 billion people existing on this planet but there are 1 billion people still deprived and hungry every day.

1/3 of food production are going to landfills

We produced so much food that we could feed the whole world, but 1/3 of food will go to landfills every year while there are countless of people struggling to get a meal on the passing day.

The needy, and malnutrition

We see that people are starving on the street, in their community and we see that there is abundance source of nutritious surplus food that can be put to good use. We will make the difference in the society delivering and serving nutritious scrumptious surplus food for the needy.



Bo H. Holmgreen

Founder and CEO

I was fortunate to be criss-crossing the world for the last 2 decades, heading up my software company Transoft International, Inc. With an incredible staff, wonderful customers and great matemathical tools, we applied complex software systems at large banks all over the world. Our cash cost optimization techniques were coded into our software product OptiCash. Now I guess we are applying much simpler yet urgent methods to food, so we should have called ourselves OptiFood instead...

During my travels I saw shameful amounts of food wasted, especially at hotel buffets, events, happy hours etc. In my naivety I expected all that surplus food to be put to some good use, but gradually I learned from staff how commercial establishments are challenged allowing such food to go to the needy or let employees take it home. Seeing all that food wasted made our next mission clear: Rescue food in third-world countries where cost and infra-structure allows it.



We started in Bangkok, Thailand, where large tourist hotels compete for efficiency, yet have lots of surplus food. Across the region, we generally see 35% of all food purchased ending up in the landfill. Often down the road from these companies, people have little to eat regularly, making the logistics portion easy once we care enough to do it. We interviewed many people, did our research, reviewed ideas with experts, and verified the basic principles of the intended food rescue.


SOS Global was established in late 2012 and then funded privately. The food rescue charter was approved in 2014 when our non-profit status was established and local foundation paperwork was filed in Thailand. By 2015, our Thai foundation was pioneering these principles in Bangkok, and in 2016 we established SOS Indonesia.


I'm very proud on behalf of our wonderful donors, happy recipients, and incredibly motivated staff, to report that we now approach one ton of edible rescued food every single day. That's a LOT of nutrition put to good human use rather than polluting our planet with methane gasses. We calculated recently based on our cost of operations, each rescued meal-equivalent represents a cost of just US$ 0.25. That means that every dollar we invest yields FOUR meals. It also means that every $10 YOU donate will feed 40 people a meal. If you can spare $100, you provide 400 meals, and that's just the beginning... we constantly work to get our costs lower and grow the benefits of both our foundation investments and your donations. We are grateful to all our cash and food donors, to the many partners we enjoy working with, and the hard-working staff motivated by the smiles of our recipient communities - THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

SOS Founder
SOS Goals & Impact




Millions Meals Serves





SOS Philippines

SOS Philippines- Manila

29 A. de Guzman St, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila, Philippines

0917 861 1038


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